Thursday, October 20, 2011

And a baby makes 4...

Yes, there have been LOADS of changes happening in our little world at the moment - one of the most exciting of which is no doubt the impending arrival of bambino #2.

After the big move we have taken up residence in a gorgeous old home and I am so excited to be decorating a nursery second time around... However this time we won't be finding out what it is - so putting it together won't be so easy.

I am thinking white furniture and subtle trimmings and have taken to ETSY and Pinterest to find some gorgeous inspiration. Take a look at my wish list below!!

 Birth Announcement - $15.00

 Nursery art print - Set of 3 $48

All other images via Pinterest

Enjoy!! Sar xx

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Monday!

Just wanted to share this gorgeous quote with you for your Monday morning! It's from one of my fave blogs The Wellness Warrior - if ever you're after some inspiration make sure you visit. Amazing!

Sar xx

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Wallpaper Love}

So, after having a month off to move, move again, settle and unpack into our gorgeous new home in country NSW I am finally finding time for myself - and my beautiful blog again!
I have been very lucky to have Belle from Spaceplanners share her expertise on the latest in wallpaper trends (I am seriously obsessed!) and wanted to share it with you as well!
You can visit her website here for more amazing interior ideas and visit her Facebook page here to see the amazing transformations her clients homes have taken.
Wallpaper is no longer a passing trend - it is back in Vogue & here to stay!
Depth, emotion and intensity are the allure of wallpaper. It can create a subtle background or a bold statement. Allowing you to express your individual style to a room. Whatever your design preference there is something for everyone.
When selecting wallpaper start by looking online & in magazines for inspiration. At most times there is usually a lifestyle shot which give you an indication of how the design will look up.  Think about your current furniture in your room and how this will work with your selection & style. Where you can get samples of your paint, fabric & furniture to create a story board of the room.
Once you have found wallpaper you like, I suggest getting a larger sample & looking at in your home. They quite often look a lot different in situe. Most companies will offer you a decent size sample for a very small fee.
Here are just a few styles I am loving right now....

Love this look it is both fresh & edgy. Transforming the look of a room. The ceiling is often forgotten and in actual fact could be considered the fifth wall of the room. Not for the faint hearted however as it makes quite a bold statement & gives lots of Pop!

A favourite with home owners everywhere, most people like the bold statement a stripe makes. Make sure you take the scale of the room is taken into consideration when using a stripe. Look at doing a whole room or just a dramatic feature wall. Remember Vertical stripes give the illusion of height, while horizontal stripes give the illusion of width.

This Decadence wallpaper gives a sophisticates & vivacious look. Featuring an over sized floral & soft colours perfect for a romantic bedroom or dressing room. Allow the rest of the room to feature layers of white & soft textures throughout.

If you like for your room to display a more individual & energetic style than whimsical is the style for you. This style is full of the unexpected & is both creative and full of personality. It’s a way of transforming a space to have a playful edge

Grass cloth wall coverings is an environmentally way to add natural texture and beauty to a room. Consisting of hand crafted jute, sea grass, sisal, bamboo & paper weave. It brings great texture & ambience to a room quite often a favourite with decorators it has such a natural beauty. Overall giving a beautiful backdrop & a stylish, organic feel.

Flock Wallpaper will give a three dimensional effect & texture. This velvety, textured wall treatment has been around for centuries. It provides an economical alternative to wall textiles with similar effects. From the traditional damask style flock to something as stylish as the calligraphy there is something for everyone that wants this look.

Enjoy! Belle {Spaceplanners} xx

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beach Chic

I have been so busy this last week that there has been literally NO time to even think about my fave online space. My husband, daughter and I are preparing to move back to the gorgeous little town we came from a couple of years ago. We're swapping the beach for trees, climate for time and hustle & bustle for something a little more relaxed. And you know what!? I can't wait!!

I have secured two AMAZING jobs - more on that later - and before we build or buy again down there, we have rented a quaint, albeit dated 3 bedroom cottage. I will certainly be busy for the next couple of weeks transforming it from a plain space into something much more cozy!

My post today is a little tribute to our few years living at the beach. Nautical decor and beach shack chic will always be a fave of mine - and I will certainly be taking little elements back to the country with me. I hope you enjoy x

Images via Pinterest
Will be back again in a few days time when we arrive down south!!

Sar xx

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am sure I'm not the only one who has been swept up in the excitement of The Block. I have always loved a good reno show, and a good reno for that matter. My husband and I have purchased a couple of doer uppers during our time and although they have never been MASSIVE (i.e. gutting the entire house), we have had our fair share of kitchen, bathroom, dining, lounge and outdoor makeovers.

Today I wanted to show you one of my favourite home transformations from Louise Bell of TableTonic. Louise is so clever, and has such a fine eye for design and detail. Her home is stunning, and has appeared on pages of many a design mag.

Take a look at some of my fave room makeovers and be inspired!

Living Room: BEFORE
living before 2 Decor junkies makeover.

living during1 Decor junkies makeover.

Living Room: AFTER
Living after Decor junkies makeover.

living after 2 Decor junkies makeover.

Main Bedroom: BEFORE
main bed before Decor junkies makeover.

Main Bedroom: AFTER
main bed after Decor junkies makeover.

Sons Room: BEFORE
 Decor junkies makeover.

Sons Room: AFTER
MM Jasper after 1 Decor junkies makeover.

Daughters Room: BEFORE
 Decor junkies makeover.

Daughters Room: AFTER
 Decor junkies makeover.
Images via TableTonic (originally found on Mamamia)

Make sure you check out Louise's online decor store TableTonic for some amazing unique pieces!

Sar xx

Monday, July 25, 2011

{Stationary LOVE}

This week has been an absolute shocker so far with my irritable 3 year old down and out with a chest infection. The poor thing is so sick, and it's driving her crazy. I have stocked up on an unthinkable amount of lollies, chocolate and banana paddle pops as bribery during the twice-a-day-antibiotic-battles.

No doubt any good the medicine is doing has been overshadowed by the ridiculously high sugar intake.

So in between dealing with her, and my work I am also mentally escaping through Ellis Benson. My stationary obsession has reached an all time high this week as I wade through her personalised notepads, art prints, wedding thank you's and baby announcements.

Take a look for yourself!!


Sweet right? You can follow Ellis Benson on Facebook here or visit the website here (where I sourced the images!)

Now excuse me while I return to the checkout!

Sar xx

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stunning Art

I am super lucky to be surrounded by many beautiful and ridiculously talented friends, and thought it was about time I paid homage to super spesh artist; Tiffany Atkin.

Earlier this year Tiff was forced to return home to Queensland after the devastating Japan Earthquake cut her planned 12 month stay in Tokyo short. But her Japanese inspired work has received huge recognition since, and I HAD to share her with you!

I just adore the colour and detail in her work and below are some of my absolute faves.

Isn't she clever!!!

Make sure you check out Tiff's Trinkets & Tidbits blog here (where you will also find items for sale) join her on Facebook here (where I sourced all of the images) or follow her on Twitter here!

Sar xx

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some of my fave things this week!

Do you know - I actually seriously believe that I will win lotto one day. I have no idea why this is, and never buy lottery tickets so I'm not entirely sure how this will happen but it's just a feeling I have. Anyway. For now I keep an 'Incase I win Lotto List'.

I just love things, all sorts of things - so while I won't be abusing the credit card to have them all in my possession this week - I will show you the beauties which have been added recently...

I hope you enjoy - and have a great week!

1 - This Chair!!

2 - This AMAZING leather jacket....yum, yum!

3 - This super sweet pillow xx

4 - This sensational Sass & Bide ring combo!

5 - A mirror like this one!

6 - Dinosaur Designs beads....oh my
Now to get down and buy a lotto ticket!

Much love,
Sar xx
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.