Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Wallpaper Love}

So, after having a month off to move, move again, settle and unpack into our gorgeous new home in country NSW I am finally finding time for myself - and my beautiful blog again!
I have been very lucky to have Belle from Spaceplanners share her expertise on the latest in wallpaper trends (I am seriously obsessed!) and wanted to share it with you as well!
You can visit her website here for more amazing interior ideas and visit her Facebook page here to see the amazing transformations her clients homes have taken.
Wallpaper is no longer a passing trend - it is back in Vogue & here to stay!
Depth, emotion and intensity are the allure of wallpaper. It can create a subtle background or a bold statement. Allowing you to express your individual style to a room. Whatever your design preference there is something for everyone.
When selecting wallpaper start by looking online & in magazines for inspiration. At most times there is usually a lifestyle shot which give you an indication of how the design will look up.  Think about your current furniture in your room and how this will work with your selection & style. Where you can get samples of your paint, fabric & furniture to create a story board of the room.
Once you have found wallpaper you like, I suggest getting a larger sample & looking at in your home. They quite often look a lot different in situe. Most companies will offer you a decent size sample for a very small fee.
Here are just a few styles I am loving right now....

Love this look it is both fresh & edgy. Transforming the look of a room. The ceiling is often forgotten and in actual fact could be considered the fifth wall of the room. Not for the faint hearted however as it makes quite a bold statement & gives lots of Pop!

A favourite with home owners everywhere, most people like the bold statement a stripe makes. Make sure you take the scale of the room is taken into consideration when using a stripe. Look at doing a whole room or just a dramatic feature wall. Remember Vertical stripes give the illusion of height, while horizontal stripes give the illusion of width.

This Decadence wallpaper gives a sophisticates & vivacious look. Featuring an over sized floral & soft colours perfect for a romantic bedroom or dressing room. Allow the rest of the room to feature layers of white & soft textures throughout.

If you like for your room to display a more individual & energetic style than whimsical is the style for you. This style is full of the unexpected & is both creative and full of personality. It’s a way of transforming a space to have a playful edge

Grass cloth wall coverings is an environmentally way to add natural texture and beauty to a room. Consisting of hand crafted jute, sea grass, sisal, bamboo & paper weave. It brings great texture & ambience to a room quite often a favourite with decorators it has such a natural beauty. Overall giving a beautiful backdrop & a stylish, organic feel.

Flock Wallpaper will give a three dimensional effect & texture. This velvety, textured wall treatment has been around for centuries. It provides an economical alternative to wall textiles with similar effects. From the traditional damask style flock to something as stylish as the calligraphy there is something for everyone that wants this look.

Enjoy! Belle {Spaceplanners} xx


tinajo said...

Some seriously great wallpaper here, thanks for sharing! :-)

The Dainty Doll's House said...

I love flocked wallpaper, so pretty! x